Vinyl Decals vs Stickers

You may be asking - "What even is a vinyl decal?"

Here at Peony Pepper I use a cutting machine to die-cut vinyl material with an adhesive backing. Once all unnecessary pieces of vinyl are removed leaving the design behind (often in multiple pieces), I place a clear sticky piece over the top (known as transfer tape) so that the entire design can be moved as one piece and applied to your surface of choice. The clear covering is then removed, leaving the vinyl decal behind.

My definition of a sticker is a single piece of material (either adhesive vinyl or paper) with a printed design that does not need the use of transfer tape.

So when browsing my products, now you know what they mean!

Some tips for vinyl decals:

  • Decals can be placed a variety of surfaces, but tend to work best when the surface is hard and smooth (like glass).
  • Decals will NOT stick to silicone surfaces.
  • Best care is to hand wash items with vinyl decals.
  • No dishwasher or microwave use is recommended.
  • Most vinyl should survive a few years of use/display if outdoors - and many more if indoors.